Hi, I am Dan Birlem!

Author, web developer, computer enthusiast.

Author of “Dan’s Simple Website Guide”. I have been developing websites, and building brand experiences for about ten years now. I have performed various roles within both software and website projects.

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From building websites for ten years, I have put together a guide that I believe covers all of the aspects of getting a website off the ground. Get your first, or your fifty-first project off the ground right!

Available for Early Access at 50% off the final price! Early access comes with lifetime updates, my newsletter subscription and more.


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My DOGE Address

What is DOGE? Read my short explanation here (coming soon).


An example Node.js + MySQL CRUD app for beginners.

While learning Node.js, I felt that a basic CRUD app with MySQL was missing. I decided to write one and share it with all prospective students and others learning Node.js. Click the link below to view my GitHub repo.

LateList on GitHub
A Little Of My Story

I have been pushing pixels for quite a while

I have been doing freelance web design work since I was about 17. It's been a side hobby for me, and I've found the investment of time provides an endearing return. Technologies are developing more rapidly today seemingly than ever before. Soon, the tools in our hands will be capable of creating entire life experiences, in which we may improve the quality of life for everyone alive on earth.

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